Top 10 SEO software’s that you should look for in 2015| personal favorites


There are many software’s which help you in creating websites but to rank them you need some good SEO software. Here is my top 10 list of the best software’s that are working in 2015: –
FCS Networker

It is one of the most used Web 2.0 creators in the market. If you want to create, a large amount of Web 2.0 is then this is for you. Although it is quite pricey because it comes with a monthly subscription of $ 27 for 3000 blogs, the professionalism and usage quality of software make it a must buy.
GSA search engine ranker
It is not as much powerful as it was before 2014 but it is a must have for your tier 2 and tier 3 links. Many people to use this on money site too, but it’s quite risky. It comes with a one-time fee of $ 87, so it’s not that pricey too.
Traffic Travis
It is a very cheap and easy to use SEO tool with complete features like Rank Tracker, Keyword finder, Adwords campaign Searcher and others. If you have a shortage of cash and want, a good SEO software than traffic Travis is what you are looking after. You can use Traffic Travis Pro coupons are available on websites to get it only for $ 37 which is 60 less than the original price of $ 97.
Long tail pro

long tail keyword
Long Tail Pro is also a keyword tool but a different kind of one. It is most used for finding long tail keywords in the amount of hundreds. Then you can analyze them quickly to find gold nuggets.

best content spinner
Wordai is the best content spinner out there. You just had to paste the article and choose your desired spin settings. It costs of the more than any other software is listed in this list. One month subscription of wordai costs at around $ 49.
The best spinner
This is the best and most known content spinner out there. Although spinning from the best peanut is not preferred by most of the top search engine rankers but many do use it with effective settings to create Copyscape passed content.
It is not a particular SEO software, but it is most well-known for its automation features. Zennoposter comes in three versions whose price vary a lot. The cheapest version is at around $ 87 without future update prices. It is a must have in your kitty because it can create account creation, submission and various other tasks that are not possible with single use software.
SEO Content Machine
it is quite similar to various other content creation software’s, but the major upside of SEO Content Machine is that; it can scrape data directly from Google rather than from heavily spammed article directories.
Auto fill magic
Want to fill your forms very quickly? Then Auto Fill Magic is for you. It can quickly fill forms of almost all websites and help you creating accounts in no time.
Keyword shitter
I don’t know how it made to my top 10 list, but this is one of the coolest software out there. It is web-based and produces heap load of keywords from one or two seed keywords. You can visit keyword shitter anytime using this link.